Folding Darkroom


Folding Darkroom (B-LP)

Only 5 minutes required to set up a folding darkroom!!

A folding darkroom successfully cuts down the required setting-up time.
It takes only 5 minutes.

To assemble a darkroom, it requires only 3 steps: unfold the frame, cover it with a black-out curtain, and finally extend the poles. No tool is necessary.

It is useful not only for an optical measurement and shielding the laser light, but also using as a simple display booth.

How to assemble a folding darkroom

Keep all four poles of the frame stable and gradually stretch each of them. (Required time: One minute) Cover the frame with blackout curtain.
(Required time: 2 minutes)
Extend all the poles (Required time: 2 minutes)


Size B-LP1/B-LP2
*We do not accept a special order as for a folding darkroom.
Type Cross type / Hook-and-loop fastener type
Frame Aluminum square pipe with alumite treatment
SCIENTEX's standard type
>>More detail
Component Frame, Blackout curtain, Storage bag, Hooks(Only cross type)
About package
(e.g. B-LP2)
Package size: 1400×300×300mm
Weight: About 23.5kg


Model Width(mm) Depth(mm) Height(mm) Weight
B-LP1 (Hook-and-loop fastener type)/
B-LP1-X (Cross type)
1200 1200 2080 18kg
B-LP2 (Hook-and-loop fastener type)/
B-LP2-X (Cross type)
1800 1800 2080 23kg


Model Price*
B-LP1 (Hook-and-loop fastener type)/
B-LP1-X (Cross type)
164,000 yen
B-LP2 (Hook-and-loop fastener type)/
B-LP2-X (Cross type)
205,000 yen

*There will be a surcharge for deliveries.


*We do not accept a special order as for a folding darkroom.
*Laser safety standard of blackout curtain: Laser output within 20-30mW.
* Please assemble a darkroom by yourself.
*This darkroom cannot be used as a clean room.
*Please check bolts and screws regularly whether they don’t slack. If you find a slack, tighten it by hex wrench.
*The specification of our products may be changed without notice due to technical reasons.


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