Specification of the blackout curtain


Specification of the blackout curtain

The blackout curtain is used for SCIENTEX'S all darkroom.

Light shielding rate 99.97%
Class 1(BY JIS Standatd L1055A)
Special processing Dust-resistant finish
Antistatic finish
Reflectance About 0.2~0.5% (at 530nm)
About 0.2% (at 645nm)
Material Front: Polyester (Non-flammable material)
Back: Urethane resin
Color Black
Sound reduction performance -2.5dB(56%)
Usage environment Environment temperature: -10~+50°C
Heatproof temperature: +150°C (3 minutes)
Laser shielding ability A low power laser must be used in a Darkroom.
The blackout curtain used in a Darkroom can tolerate a laser within 20~30mW.

PDF download

1) Notes on laser shielding ability (54KB)
2) Dust generation test result (50KB)
3) Shielding and Reflectance characteristic (63KB)